At the beginning of the new millennium, the Lenikus group opened their building at Bauernmarkt 1 in Vienna to artists, which quickly became a center-point of creative artistic activities and happenings. Thus, a new, ever-changing place for fresh, vibrant young fine artists flourished in the heart of Vienna. Within a few short years later, another program began only a few doors down at Bauernmarkt 9, with numerous studios for artists in residence hailing from all corners of the globe. Over the years this program hosted more than 150 artists who lived and worked at these two addresses.
During this fast-paced time, collaborations were formed, exhibitions were held, and a healthy discourse was born. These activities, happenings, and a selection of art works from the Lenikus Collection, have now been collected and organised into book form with the publication of “Ephemeral Space. The Lenikus Collection“ published by the Verlag für moderne Kunst.